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Independent Commissioner project kylieRobin Stevenson (a director of Hazel Hewitt & Associates Ltd) is an engineer  who is available to sit as an Independent Commissioner on local body environmental planning hearings or RMA matters.


Robin's  experience allows him  to see the whole picture, while working through legal submissions, technical and lay evidence, and bringing together a range of competing interests to arrive at a reasoned decision.



As an Independent Commissioner Robin can ensure a fair and equitable process is followed at the hearing.


Robin has experience in a number of local body hearings related to RAM matters specializing in Mining, Quarrying, Landfills as well as Subdivisions, Land Disturbance, Stormwater and other related activities. Robin is available to take on the role of Independent Commissioner in these meetings.


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6 Glenvar Close, Torbay, Auckland 0630

  (0274) 941 570

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Resource Consent consultants - Hazel Hewitt & Associates Ltd offers a wide range of services in all aspects of environmental assessments, resource consent procedures and applications. We are also a qualified Independent Commissioner available to provide impartial environmental hearings overview.